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Our first batch of Ideal chicks are 2 weeks old. They are feathering in nicely and the personality on these guys is amazing. It is funny how different they all are. We love watching them play(piece of paper tag is our favorite). Here are the peeps that would stand for a picture...

Meet Trigger(left) and Nutsy(right)(can you name that movie?)

The Welcome Wagon-these 2 are the first to greet us when we reach into the brooder. They are hilarious. Tentative names are Runner(left) and Scratch(right)

My DD's favorite. "Little blue" is "his?" name. In the last 2 days this one has really started to develop a decent size comb. Possible Roo?

No name on this one yet, she needs a rocker name to go with her mohawk. The "do" has really started to take off the last few days.

And finally, the Gold Sex-Links. I want to ask, is it common to have such a vast color variation on these? They look so different. Is one of them something else? Or *gasp* a Roo? The lighter one is called "Strawberry" and is much bigger then the redder one in the back. Not the best picture but it showed the difference in them.
Ding Ding Ding! You are right! My Mom keeps going on about how they remind her of Vultures(she says Turkey Buzzards). That reminded me of the Disney movie. They are the friendliest little things though, second only to The Welcome Wagon.
The two week olds that I have were dust bathing in their pine shavings the other day. They are too funny to watch! They're trying to fly around too and play keep away.

Robin Hood was one of my all time favorite Disney movies. I immediately bought it up on DVD when it was released.
Looking forward to getting my first chicks next week.

I do not mean any offense by this, I know it is purely subjective, but those naked neck chickens are simply one of the ugliest animals I have ever seen.

As cute as baby chicks I just cant see myself even wanting to touch one of those things.
Robin Hood is an excellent movie. I like the song in the beginning.

No offense taken.
I think they are pretty ugly, too. And I don't mean "purty" ugly, I mean ugly fugly. They were just to weird looking to pass up. And, they really are some of the friendliest of the whole bunch.
They are all really cute!!

I enjoyed (and still do) Robin Hood. we would all laugh crazily at Trigger and Nutsy.
It's a great movie.
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If that lighter one is a sex link it is probably a roo. They are usually a reddish orange. I have 50 new ones in the barn now. I have raised these for years. They are usually lighter on the body with a darker stripe down the back. Roos are a white chick, similar to a leghorn. They grow to be big white roos, with darker feathers around the neck. The one that I raised once was, by far, the meanest rooster to EVER LIVE :eek:

Name the rocker Slash!

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