2-wk chick listless, head down, falling & tripping, walking backwards!

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  1. linguafranka

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    Feb 8, 2012
    No idea what is wrong with her, but she started showing these signs today.
    The others do not have symptoms.
    She is isolated now & all bedding changed, box will be disinfected.
    But how to proceed with sick chick? Seems bad.

    -Jessica in Oakland, first-timer chicken keeper, first batch of chicks
  2. Quixotic

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    Feb 8, 2012
    Just to add some further details (we are raising the chicks together):

    She has her head between her legs, but she can occasionally pick it up. Because she's keeping her head that way, she walks backwards and trips and flips over herself. I've temporarily isolated her, but I don't know if she will eat or drink. She's not laying down to rest or nap, but her head is still positioned downwards. We are growing our chicks organically, adding 1tb of apple cider into ~1000ml of their water, cleaning out the box every other day. Her poop is a little runny, but it has been a little runny for a while, but it looks fine (no blood). They have gotten to the stage of running, jumping, flapping to and fro. I don't know if this is because she injured her neck doing those things, or because she's been infected with something (like coccidiosis).
  3. ChickensAreSweet

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    note around the 1:28 mark how the silkie walks backward

    I have no experience with wry neck/crookneck. It does sound like it.

    I personally would treat for coccidiosis (all the chicks) though, because of the not eating/drinking and listlessness. It is such a swift killer and is so common - I have dealt with it before.

    Don't give vitamins with Corid if that is what you treat with (don't give thiamine in other words). If you are treating with other vitamins that's ok.

    There are other threads on here if you search for wry neck, walking backwards, head down. There are many on here who have successfully treated wry neck with vitamins.

    Is the chick a silkie? If so, here is a website just for silkie wry neck (click on the left column where it says crookneck):

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