20 Assorted Colored German Imported Line LF Phoenix and or China Game Fowl

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Mar 9, 2008
Hahira, GA
These will be 20 chicks from our Imported German Schubert and Ismer large fowl Phoenix lines!! These lines are impossible to find. I got them from the importer of them, my friend Toni-Marie Astin. She Imported these birds threw Marc King back in 2002. Outside just a couple folks, you're not going to find any of these.

The Imser line is a slimmer more leggy phoenix than the Schubert. They are also a good bit smaller, 3-4 pounds seem to be the norm. The Schubert line is a beast of a large fowl with 7 pounds being more normal. They have a thicker heavier built body also compared to the Ismers.

These will be from BOTH lines. Or I can do chicks from just one line if you wish. Colors will be white, bb red, gold duckwing, black, and silver duckwing.

Extra chicks can be added over the minimum order of 20 if you want more.
I will be happy to go into detail with anyone who cares to know any thing more about these two lines. They are a great addition to any serious phoenix breeders collection and offer a totally unrelated blood line to any American phoenix.

All chicks are NPIP certified

Extra chicks over the 20 minimum shipping order can be added for $6 each.This time of year, I am doing assortments only because you never know week to week who will be laying. I can try to set to your order, but in the end, this is for assorted chicks, chicks from these by color are much higher.

Sorry, I can not ship to Hawaii or Virginia.

I will only ship these rare birds by Express Mail, Priority takes way too long.

The shipping, box, box liner, heat pack and the $100 insurance that comes with Express is $40 in most cases, west coast buyer are $45.

I can usually get to these pretty quick in assortments. If you'd like to reserve some you can post here or PM me.If you have
any questions feel free to ask.

There are also 250+ phoenix pics on my website if you'd like to see some of the adults.

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I also have the Herman Pinnion line of China Game fowl also from Toni-Marie Astin.
They are a very aggressive line of game birds and males should not, or well can not be housed together. They are a semi long tailed game bird as well. I have a brown red male over bb red hens. All chicks will hatch brown red , but when bred next year will make you 2/3 brown red and 1/3 bb red.

All ordering details from the phoenix also apply to these. These can be combined in one order as well
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Let me know when you have some.......I would like to see your china game fowl. Send or post picture for me to see. Thanks. Have a great holiday!
Let me know when you have some.......I would like to see your china game fowl. Send or post picture for me to see. Thanks. Have a great holiday!
I'll be sure to let you know. The chinas are on my website. They are in the long tails section, just got to scroll threw them all to find one.
If you cant find them, let me know and I'll dig threw the computer images and post one for you

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