2012 New Years Special! Hatching Eggs from our Show Stock

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Feb 27, 2010
California, MO
Hatching eggs from our showbirds! 2012 SPECIAL! For the next 7 days! Only $20 per 12 eggs, including shipping! We have Bearded Silkies in White, Black & Blue Splash. Showgirls in white, project birds in blue/red, red, blue, & black. Japs in Black tail Buff, Black tail white, & mottled. Bantam Cochins in Black, Blue Splash, & Mille Fleur. Some Frizzles in these colors. Buff Brahma bantams. Naked Neck Bantams in Mille Fleur, Black, Mottled, Blue, Self Blue, & Blue Splash. Black & Blue Bantam Wyandottes (no frizzles in these) Standard Blue Red Americaunas (lay aqua eggs). May choose breed & will try to provide color preference. We have a frizzle hen in most pens, so some eggs may produce frizzles that should be true to breed in color & type. Limit of 2 Mille Fleur Cochin per dozen. Celebrate the New Year by trying out new breeds, adding new blood to existing lines, or surprise yourself or someone else with a surprise assortment of quality birds. Eggs will be carefully wrapped & packaged but we cannot guarantee against damages after eggs leave our possesion. We have had good luck with eggs we have shipped.
We have Wyandottes in Blue Laced Red but no rooster, he is in Oklahoma at the moment, and White Wyandottes. We don't like the quality of our white rooster so we are waiting to find a good one. We also have red sex link hens for our eating egg buyers and one 12 year old Barred Rock & 1 9yr old Brown Leghorrn hen who both lay eggs daily! We also have some Russian Orloffs who won't start laying until spring. Thanks for asking! Jerry
Still working on it... got the SD card in, camera charged, took pictures, now just trying to transfer to my computer! Sorry, brand new camera! Jerry (Hope to have them by this evening)
I would like a couple different kinds. The white silkies and the Americaunas. More of the silkie eggs than the Americauna (they don't take up as much room in the coop). Do I need to hit the buy it now button?

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