2020 duck calendar?

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Jan 4, 2019
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Two of the people who posted on the 2020 BYC chicken calendar asked about having a 2020 BYC duck calendar. Is that going to happen? But if it did, people might want a quail calendar, turkey calendar, etc. :idunno I think that would be to much work.

What do you think?

Cluckmecoop7 signing off....:frow
PLEASE create one!
Here, I’ll even get on my knees to worship you. :bow
Now will ya? I’ve always thought about this. I don’t really like chickens but I LOVE DUCKS and me and @Claires Poultry have great photos ;)

I wholeheartedly agree! PLEASE, PLEASE create a duck calendar!!! I'm with @FluffTheDuck I don't really like chickens but I absolutely LOVE ducks SOOOOO much!
We could get you some GREAT duck pics! @HuffleClaw could get you some great duck pics, too!
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