Announcement 2020 Update: Political and Politically Charged Content Not Allowed

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Hey Peeps!

TL;DR: Political and politically charged contend will no longer be allowed on BYC.


As most of you know, there has been tremendous political and social intensity recently... and heading into the US election, we're expecting things to only amplify from here.

On BYC we strive for complete neutrality with regards to these issues. We work hard to allow our members the flexibility to post all manner of topics and discussions. That said, we've found some topics become heated, contentious, and create a situation that isn't healthy for our members or our community. Very often our report system is flooded by flagged content which then requires our amazing moderators to spend countless hours sorting through the content.

With all that in mind, our team has decided to change our stance from "discouraging" political and politically charged content to disallowing content that is political or politically charged.

Notes Regarding This Change:

  1. Sometimes peeps complain that we're silencing their freedom of speech. BYC is a privately owned website (by me :) ), so it might be helpful to view BYC as a home in which you've been invited (as a member) to come inside for a visit. You may not like how we've decorate the place, or that we ask you to leave your shoes (strong politically charged opinions) at the door before you come in. We totally understand. It's totally your choice to not come inside out house... just like it's our choice to determine what kind of behavior we'll tolerate inside our home.
  2. Our amazing and diverse team will do their best to determine which content is "political or politically charged". It's impossible to draw a PERFECT line between what is and isn't "politically charged", but our team will discuss any that are in the "gray area" and make a judgement call" as best we can, with the goal to keep the community humming along as smoothly as possible. (We know we're doing a really good job being unbiased when both "sides" of an argument think we're being too strict and biased) ;)
  3. "Content" includes posts, pictures, avatars, signatures, etc.
  4. This new policy will be in place at least until the dust settles from the US election
  5. If someone posts something that you take issue with, either ignore it or report it. Do not start or engage in a fight. Remember to avoid feeding trolls!
  6. We understand many of our peeps are VERY passionate about their beliefs and perspective, and this can be exacerbated when a moderator takes action to something posted. If you receive a warning or reminder of this policy, and/or have content removed, please remember our rule against PUBLICLY questioning our rules and our moderation. You're welcome to contact any BYC moderator PRIVATELY with your questions, concerns, feedback, etc. Similar to the analogy above, imagine if you're invited into someone's home for a super-fun party, and start screaming at the hosts (in front of all the other peeps) about how much you hate the food that's been provided to you for FREE. Instead, it would be more appropriate to kindly and privately talk to the host (moderators) in private and start a productive dialog to express your thoughts, questions, and ideas. :)

A huge THANK YOU to all the amazing peeps visiting inside our "home" that respect our rules and the tone / demeanor we've decided is best for our group!
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