21 weeks and finallyy....


8 Years
Mar 14, 2011
We finally got an egg...the first one since spring:!! sold alll of our hens and got chicks. Black Australorp first tooo lay!! Got the egg yesterday afternoon..laid in THE NESTBOX first time ever for us! It was small but had a nice egg shell! Will her egg get bigger? It was only a couple inches long???
1st eggs are so eggciting! Our girls have been laying since late July and already the eggs have become notably larger. We still have a couple hens that are due for their first egg, and we can tell when it's newbie egg or if it's from one of the girls that have been laying since July. YAY! It's really is like you have waited FOREVER!
UPDATEEE! another egg but they are connected as in she laid two eggs but were the jelly eggs. and also one was not complete half of the skin on the egg was gone but a yok on the ground attached to another eggg!

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