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    Feb 28, 2011
    I currently have 22 extremely rare Isbar chicks, the chicks are very well started, they were hatched on January 23rd, 2015. I have 10 Blue Isbar chicks, 11 Splash Isbar chicks, and 1 Black Isbar chick.
    The Blue Isbars are extremely rare birds from Sweden, it is said there are probably fewer than a hundred Blue Isbars in the world, probably a few more now, but they are still extremely rare. The males have shimmering silver-metallic hackles that overlay deep blue or black body feathers, the roosters are also sometimes splash in color. The females are also beautiful with their blue feathers, splash, or black. These birds are excellent birds that lay a lot of green eggs, their eggs are olive, mint, or mossy green in color. My birds are from Greenfire stock. These birds are fantastic exotic chickens. I currently have 10 Blue chicks, 11 Splash chicks, and 1 Black chick avaialble. I have a total of 22 chicks. The chicks are $20.00 each. If you purchase 10 + chicks, I will discount them and take $15.00 each on the chicks. If you are interested in all 22 Isbar chicks, I will greatly discount them and take $220.00 for all 22 chicks.
    This would be a perfect start for these amazing birds. The chicks must be picked up in Honey Grove, Ladonia, or Windom, Texas. I DO NOT SHIP, so please don't ask!
    Please send me a private message for more information, or to purchase these chicks.
    My stock comes from Greenfire Farms lines, all baby chicks are sold as St. Run (as hatched) only,
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    Hello. Just curious if you have an auction on rarebreedauctions for these chicks? I saw some on there that looked like yours and was just wondering. Been looking at Isbars for a few months,but haven't pulled the trigger on any yet. Thanks.
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    Feb 8, 2015
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    Howdy ! Are they still available ? ... If so, Will you ship ?

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