24 hours


9 Years
Dec 6, 2010
I have been up now for 24 hours I probably look like a zombie at the moment and my brain is still too active. Why cant I be like a cat and just curl up to sleep.
I've been up for 24 hrs before...I almost punched eveyone in the face!
I was tired!
That sucks. It starts to hurt, after a while. When I was in college for "Inspiration Week" (AKA, getting hazed, like you are not supposed to) I was awake for 5 days. Let me tell you... hallucinations. That was kind of fun. After that experience, whenever I'd get depressed or was sleeping 10 hours a day or 5 hours, I'd stay up all night and keep myself up the next day, then go to bed at the normal time. It snapped me right back to eight hours of sleep, every night. And that was before the internet!
Oh fun, I get narky like that when I've been up for just 20 hours, I couldn't imagine any more!

If you're anything like me when sleep deprived, I hope you manage to get to sleep soon.
yes been there....i would only sleep every other night for a few years. Still stay up most nights...i even stayed up over 36 hours.

like they say you get all the sleep you need when you die.
Ooh, I hear you, too. And my cat begs me to cuddle alseep with him, which makes it worse.
I was up for a couple of days straight a few days ago, and then in the middle of the night (just when I thought I might drift off) I got a call and needed to go downtown to pick up someone that broke down giving a ride to someone else.....so then I had to take their guest home way far away and drive all over in the middle of the night trying to find a part...and so was up another 24 hours, lol. Still haven't caught up on sleep. Hoping everybody catches a few winks soon.

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