2nd chick dead this AM! 1st 1 was different w/ hiccups, all limp, not eating (crop empty), can she


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Apr 29, 2012
I got 8 chicks from a swap @ Tractor supply Sat evening. 2 cochin bantam from 1 breeders & the other 6 from another.

Well 1 below "hiccup" died Wed am, & NOW today Thur AM my little tiny Cochin "Primrose" was dead when I got up. They came from different breeders & Primrose did not have the hiccup thing. She was just tiny & beautiful & sweet.

Please help me know if I have an outbreak or something contagious or if it will effect me or my kids.. we handle them trough out day & kiss etc. Trying to make them as tame as my 10 6 week old chicks. And I am worried about them too. OMG

they are on pine shavings. medicated starter feed & well water

when we got them home this 1 seemed to have hiccups, & makes an odd noise & extend neck & shake it sometimes. I have noticed for a few days that I don't feel any lump in the neck like I did w/ my last batch in that area to be food processing. I had them on Sav a chick since Sat but switched to water today. (since they were out in the sun, & all the stress of being handled & looked over & then in a box for a few hrs.

I read somewhere to look down its throat for a worm, but that is literaly impossible for me, I have tried & can't open it enough, it is too small & dark etc. even w/ my readers & a flashlight. I have massages & felt the neck & throat.

She is a baby Speckled Sussex perhaps 2 weeks old. We bought her from a nice young man who was 4H, FFA & is now breeding.

She is in a large cardboard box w/ 7 other sisters.

We handle & kiss & pet them all like we did our last bunch to get them to know us & as they are pets too.

I do have a super tiny Chochin (my silly daughter who is very tiny for her age, asked breeder for the smallest chick they had, geez. she is "Primrose" & super insect tiny to my eyes) who seems vulnerable & whom we love I worry about her and my others if this is something weird. Also my 10 other 5 week old girls are in a huge rubbermaid container just near by sharing the light & our hands & kisses.

I am very worried, & have too sensitive Aspergers Autism kids. And 1 does have an immune disorder, so let me know if U think I need to proactively take her to DR is this is something creepy.

Thank you

Garland, Evangeline, Thor
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it is 7 am EST & I got up @ 4am to check on the babies. Well "Hiccup" has passed on now & is cold & stiff.

My concern is still wondering if this will effect the other 7 babies in that litter or the juviniles (5 weeks) who live in next box over & share the same light (as they don't need to be as close to it).

So any assistance or ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you for your concern post before this one. I cried & then hid her & don't want to upset the kids before school. We can deal w/ it after school & have a funeral then.

BTW my kids R allergic to cats & dogs to these have become pets. We had 3 gerbils before but the last geriatric gerbil passed last month.

I am new to all this. But I was talking about the funny lumpy sack on their throats that fills up after they eat. What is that called? It is not in my books. :)

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