3.5 week old Bantam Cochin chicks. Gender guesses?


6 Years
Jul 27, 2013
Hi everyone.
Last year my family hatched two silkies and after 5 months of raising them we realized they were both roosters, which we had to rehome. Now we hatched two bantam Cochins this year and I'm crossing my fingers that at least 1 is a pullet. They came from different breeders. One is a Mottled and one a Mille fleur. Anyway, I was wondering if there were any experienced people out there that could tell me what they thought my chicks gender is. I'm guessing cockerel for my milli chick (named Mayan). I think my Mottled chick is a pullet (named Peaches). :fl

Mottled chick Peaches

Mille Fleur chick Mayan

Chicks together (ignore silkie and EE chick) :)

Thank so much! I don't want my daughters to get too attached to any cockerels.

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