Apr 19, 2019
I've had 3 chickens die randomly and now my duck died last night.
The first chicken ( 5 yo white leghorn) I believed had egg peritonitis.. She had weird discharge that I thought was vent gleet and I would clean her butt and she stayed inside for a week and later passed away.
The second chicken (also 5 yo white leghorn) would just sit around the coop and not move. After 2 days of having to put her in the coop, I brought her inside and noticed her butt was very dirty from poop. I gave her nutri-drench and boiled eggs for her to eat. She ate for the first day but the second day I had to force fluids in her. I checked her for mites and she did not have any. She died later that night.
The third chicken (18 week black laced wyandotte) was hanging under the coop all day and didn't leave. I thought that was weird because she is very active. I brought her inside and noticed she had tan mites on her. I gave her a bath and blow dried her, put her in a box inside came back to give her water and shew was dead. No other signs other than mites.
The duck that died last night (5 yo pekin khaki mix) has been acting weird for the past couple of days. My turkeys would try and mate with her and ripped out her neck feathers. I noticed she was in the woods hiding while everyone was going to bed. I got her and brought her inside. She was really mud from I guess playing in the ditch. I started bath water to clean her feet off and all of a sudden she started quacking and falling over, then started to throw her head back and forth, so I picked her up and put her on a towel and she died in my arms. I checked her body for lice or mites and the only thing I found was a few ticks near her eyes.
I am so confused and I don't know what is happening. They are very spoiled and free range only if I am home. I heard periwinkles and mushrooms are poisonous to poultry. I do have a ton of those growing in the woods. Please help me save my babies!!
What does their poo look like. How are the rest acting.
I only got a picture of ones poop.. everyone else seems fine it’s just the 4 that have died are by themselves and don’t move..


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It’s pretty runny, I would treat corid. Haveyu see any worms in their poop. Someone else may have other ideas.
I treated with corid 2 months ago.. I’m so confused because they have no other signs. That wasn’t ones poops after I noticed it was sick and died shortly after
Sorry for your loss. How long of a time has passed since you have been losing birds? Can you take some droppings to a vet to check for parasites? Older hens can suffer from reproductive disorders, such as cancer and egg yolk peritonitis. But the young bird may have had something else going on. The only way to know for sure what has been killing birds would be to get a necropsy on the next bird that dies. Keep the body cool, but do not freeze, and it must be taken or shipped overnight to your state poultry lab. Here is a list of state vets:

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