Oct 21, 2020
Hello all I need a bit of advice. I have a Perkin female duck. She is the oldest duck there we have.
Her behavior is like this. I walk up to her and try to pick her up she sits down. if I go away after a bit she goes about her business again. None of the other ducks do this athough if I sit down everyone comes to sit by me of see if I have food. And the ducks are currently molting. Not sure if that's normal either at this age.
She also sits by herself a lot.
And my question is if she's lonely or sick.
She's been doing this for a week now
Also she used to be on the top of the pecking order but now the two drakes have over grown her and she's looks so small and frail compared to them. The males are not mature yet so they are not bullying anyone.
Hello again. I'm so sorry for not responding with a video sooner its been raining without end and I'm super busy with taking care of the ducklings and final exams. I couldn't take the phone out in the rain. Today is the only nice day there will be "in the forecast" for the week. I'll upload now the video

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