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    if i am not mistaken the marans need a higher humidity to hatch. I wanna say it was Bargain who said that. They are from a swappy area and their membrane gets dried out quicker. She suggested 55-60% and then 70%
    I had a bad hatch and asked, my humidity was to low. I was 35-40%.

    I am in no way an expert on the subject! Just passing along info shared to me because i totally love Marans! And i as well just so want wynette eggs! I love her Jersey giants........ahhhhhhhh so need $$$$ Should be a great bunch of fluffy butts!
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    if i am not mistaken the marans need a higher humidity to hatch. I wanna say it was Bargain who said that. They are from a swappy area and their membrane gets dried out quicker. She suggested 55-60% and then 70%

    Oh, really? I have not heard that. My very first hatch was my most successful. It was a barnyard mix, and I kept the humidity around 35%, then up to 65% at hatch, as suggested by BYCer Katy, who lives near my elevation. That is what I am going by.

    Anyone else suggest differently? Please let me know.​
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    Quote:I have never found that to be true. I've had my cuckoos for 7+ years and I've got wheatens now also and I've never incubated them any different than my other eggs. I incubate them alongside my orps, wyandottes and others and get a good hatch from them. I run my humidity at about 30% for the first 18 days and bump it up to 60% for the final three days.
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    Okay, another day closer to the pre-Halloween hatch. Temp and humidity steady today. I set 18 more eggs at midnight Saturday night, so they have been in for over 24 hours now. Sunday, Oct 11 as day 1 for them.They are lavender orpington project eggs. I can hardly wait to set the Delaware eggs that should be here this coming week. (psssst... honestly though, I am just as excited to get the quilt and sweatshirt!)

    Ooohh, I am so excited just thinking about next spring. I am really looking forward to it. That is when all these babies I am hatching will be laying! Alot to look forward to.

    I had to work today, so really did not get any work on the new coop accomplished. My house is a mess, as I have neglected it lately. OK, off I go to do the laundry!

    Thanks for your post Katy!
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