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I received these eggs Thursday, Oct. 8, 2009, from Wynette. There are Jersey Giants, Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocks, Marans, Olive Eggers, and more! I put them in the incubator at 0001 on Oct. 9. This will be my thread leading to the, uummm, "Halloween Hatch!"

ETA: Aren't those some pretty eggs? Makes for a nice colorful basket of eggs!
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There's a bunch of us on the Halloween Hatch thread - come on over there TOO so we all don't lose one another! I've got my third try at Marans in my bator too - GCMs
Nivtup has some really gorgeous dark eggs for that variety.
GOOD LUCK, Kathy !!!

(DON"T hatch any "Purple-People Eaters")

aw......NEVERMIND.......there haven't been any "Purple People" since the late 1960s..........Ha-Ha!


P.S. When they hatch, don't feed them "Monster Mash"!!!
Thank you all for the well wishes! Day one nearing the end, temp steady at 99.9 and humidity at 39%. I aim for 35% the first 18 days, then bump up to 65% for the hatch. This advise I took from BYCer Katy, who lives not so far from me, in KS. She has successful hatches with those numbers.

My last hatch with shipped eggs was horrible (4 of 24, and 2 of 8 ducks from the neighbor). Honestly though, I think it was because we turned off our air conditioner, and that messed everything up. Then also, had alot more running in and out of the area during that time. My first hatch, 27 of 30, was the same bator, same temps, and same humidity. I keep the bator in my quilt studio, in our basement. This time, however, I put them in the basement safe room. It is like a walk-in closet surrounded by concrete walls, used for tornado alerts.

Of course, the (successful) first hatch was not shipped eggs. They were a barnyard mix, most from eggs I bought at the local Farmer's Market, and some from a gal at work. The older lady I gave them to just loves the variety she got. She told me, just yesterday, that she believes she got only 4 roosters out of the whole lot. That is incredible! She is still trying to figure out what all breed possibilities she has.

Well, only 20 more days ....>>>> til hatch time! I think I'll run over to the Halloween Hatch thread to check in on everyone there!
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Day 2 of incubation. Temp staying at 99.9, humidity dropped to 29%. It is now at 38%.
OH, I got 18 eggs in the mail today.
They are lavender orpington project eggs. I will set them in the bator at midnight tonight!

Whew, I have been busy today. Had to run errands; to the bank and the feed store. THEN, got to work on the (soon to be) breeder house pens. It is 30' x 13'. I am trying to use only materials that I have collected. I have torn down a 2+ car garage and a shed, for the free materials. I will, however, buy primer and paint, etc. I did get enough done so I could move the 20 Marans chicks in. They have been in the 6' x 8' little coop. I will post my progress (progress while waiting for the Halloween hatch!) in this thread.

Here is what it looked like when I started.

Here is what it looked like when I quit tonight.

This is where you go in the big barn door on the far right side. Note the "countertop," that will soon become a droppings board!

This is when you turn left .... a big mess!

This is the ventilation (2' in length, all the way across), on the front of the build. I will have hinged "doors," to cover it from the outside, when necessary. There is a 2 - 3 foot overhang on the roof.

This is (from outside) the far left side. It has a 7' x 13' concrete floor. This will be 2 breeder pens in the spring, each with their own popdoor to the outside. (Notice 2 doors)

This is the area I finished today, with the Marans inside. Well, finished enough to move the babies into. I salvaged an "L" shaped countertop, which I am using as a droppings board.

LOTS more work to do. Hope to have most of it done this month. It sure ain't perty, as they say, but it is functional! I will, in the far future, get it looking more presentable. I got the plywood put up in the finished area only. I will have ply wood all the way around, and plan to prime and paint will oil based porch/patio paint. I think I will keep the dirt floor (with a little gravel) and cover it all in sand. So, what do ya think?
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