3 Quality Registered Pygmy Does For Sale in S. NJ - 1 with a Jr Champ

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    Jul 1, 2007
    Mays Landing NJ
    Hi! Thought I'd post this. I am parting with three of my pygmy breeding does, the 2 older girls have shown well, one with a jr championship and are now good breeders. The third just had her first kidding this summer and it went well, she is on the smallish side so has not been shown but comes from great show stock. For more information please see my website. www.goldensunriseranch.com
    Also some nice bunnies up for sale. Holland Lops and Lionheads, also show/breeding stock. We're having a baby shortly and are doing some cutbacks. Will also be listing a pygmy wether for sale, he was originally destined for a breeding buck but he's not quite tracking right with his front legs so we'll wether him and offer him as a pet. Feel free to email or call if interested in any of the above. 609-909-8895
    We are in Mays Landing NJ which is south jersey.
    Thanks! Michelle

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