3 week old bantam with leg problems

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    I have a 3 week old oegb who suddenly developed problems with his/her leg(s). It's been fine all along and today I found him/her in the brooder laying forward and trying to get around using its wings and the other chicks were stepping on it. It had food in it's crop and when I brought it to the water, it drank a good bit. All the chicks in the brooder are 3-5 week old hatchery bantams except for a 2 week-old hatchery light sussex chick (who looks like baby huey compared to the others). They're all fine, none of the same symptoms.

    It doesn't appear to be able to move around on either leg - s/he can move the legs somewhat, but can't stand or walk, so I think it may be something with both of them, or something else altogether?

    I took a few pics so you can see - when I hold it on it's back, the right leg sticks straight forward and the left leg is curled up. When I put it down, the right leg either sticks out behind, or if it's underneath, you can see the toes are curled up. At first I thought it was a right leg issue, but as it can't move around using the other leg, I think it's more than just a right leg injury.

    I put it in a little chick box with shavings and food in the brooder so it hears the other chicks and doesn't get trampled. I made sure s/he was sitting on both legs on his/her chest, and s/he doesn't really move from that position in the box.

    ETA: I gave a few drops of poly-visol in case it's a vitamin deficiency. The chicks get Nutrena 18% medicated chick food and I periodically add a vitamin/electrolyte supplement or ACV to their water.

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    What ever happened to your bantam? We have one that is 12 weeks and I found exactly as you described and whose legs are doing the exact same thing.
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    Unfortunately it looks a bit like Mareks disease, but a vitamin deficiency (riboflavin) can also cause lamenss and curling under of toes. Poultry multivitamins should be continued in the water. Mareks can show up from 3-25 weeks and older, but the younger the chick is, the more I would look at vitamin deficiency, avian encephalomyelitis, or mold in the feed. Do you notice any shaking or tremors when the chick is held on it's back in the palm of your hand? Here is a good link about Mareks, vitamin deficiencies, and AE:
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    Thanks for the links. I'm sure hoping it's a vitamin deficiency! So far s/he is the only one of our flock with symptoms. The bantam is one of 8 that hatched on our farm and the others seem just healthy as can be. No mold in food. They are free range as well.

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