3 week old chick needs a jump start... ***PLEASE HELP ME-WORSE TODAY!!

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May 28, 2009
I have a 3 week old chick that was sick, he had pasty butt and then was constipated, I seem to have cleared that up. He is not growing, he eats the chick started, drinks electrolytes and water, but sleeps alot, sits under the heat lamp, does not interact with the others. The other chicks leave him alone, they do not pick at him or bother him. I need to give him something that is gonna get him a burst of energy and grow and frolic. They get bananas once a week and yogurt once a week. He is not "weak" just not healthy actin and active.... seems to kinda wander aimlessly while the others run cirlcles around him, fly and are into everything. Does anyone have any suggestions to get him goin? He seems ??cold?? I am at a loss..... Please Help!
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Have you given it any vitamins? I had a chick that acted like that (but younger, just a few days old) and I gave him drops of Poly-vi-sol vitamins on his beak and dipped his beak in water several times to make sure he was drinking. The next day, he was up and walking around and almost acting like a normal chick. He was smaller than the rest for a couple weeks, but eventually caught up.

It's common for these fast-growing chicks to develop a vitamin deficiency, even if it's just one in a group.

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