3 year old Rooster looking bad :(


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Jun 28, 2014
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My Rooster is a tough bird. A week ago I noticed a limp. So I kept an eye on him. A few days later he seemed very lethargic. I gave him some cantaloupe and he walked up to see me. That doesn't sound bad but this is a very protective rooster and he usually puts up a defender stance and if I don't hold my ground he will attack me!!! !! I noticed he was kind of out of it, tired, his tail is drooping and his comb was vey pale and droopy! I haven't herd him crow either. I gave him some food and water and started some research. The next day I started forcing some fluids, just in case. It was hot, and he didn't seem to have enough sense to move into the shade. I brought him in the house. Nothing realy changed. Yesterday morning I gave him Wazine for the first time (also the other Chickens) He slept most of yesterday, almost nonstop. Then late last night I heard some noise and it was him eating some laymash & scratch mixed. Today he seems to be eating more, but still sleeping. I don't think he has a cold, but he seems to have a little of a raspy throat. I don't know how to handle this!! My thought is Antibiotics. Just don't know if or not!! Most stuff I read is about hens, but this guy has been through a dog malling and was nursed back to health a year ago.
Any ideas????
I have no available vets that see chickens! :(
Sorry to hear of your troubles. You mentioned he was limping. Did you check his feet? Check them for bumblefoot. Bumblefoot is an infection which, untreated can spread thru the body and worst case, lead to death.

What does his poop look like? Color?

Can you post pics of the roo?
For some reason I can't download from my phone. I tryed on my computer..... That's another story. His poop is watery with a white blob with small pieces of dark green in the white blob.
I did consider bumble foot but I don't know if he could handle the trauma now.
I'm going to try again to download pictures

It works on my Kindle.

I would clean the bottoms of his feet and check the bottoms for bumblefoot. It doesn't look to me that one foot is bigger than the other and I really don't think this is the issue, at least not the main issue. I agree with holding off with any trama. He looks weak. Sorry:hugs.

I've never had to deal with scaly leg mites, but it sort of looks like he has this condition. I would research on how to treat that and do treatment immediately.

As far as assessing his poo, this is sometimes the best clue we have into their health. Does it look like any of these? I refer to this chart from the Chicken Chick all the time.


I would definitely get some form of electrolytes in him, (Sav-a-chick) keep him isolated and warm, but not too hot. Try to keep fluids and food in him. Please keep me posted.
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The brown spot on the side with the hair is part of the floor. Last night after 11 I cleaned out his inside area and fed him some save-a-chick and gave him some watermelon,grapes, yogurt & feed. I pecked at the dry stuff like you do for baby chicks and he started to eat. I put the Yogurt in front of him with 4 half grapes and he ate 3 grapes and some of the Yogurt. He hasn't had yogurt before but he ate several bites. I gave him more grapes and he probably ate 6 or 7 halves. 15 minutes earlier he ate several bites of watermelon. The grapes & watermelon are treats I know he likes but they have a high water & sugar content. It's been about 19 hours and he's pooped 2X's. He seems a little more feisty since last night!! Also standing more.
As for the bumblefoot, I'm sure that is a problem. I will post pix's in a while, I need to feed the masses

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