39 Degree low tonight, 4 weeks old ok outside?


6 Years
Mar 16, 2013
Harvest, Al
My husband is getting a little UGH with the smell of 14 chicks in the brooder in the living room so they went outside today. Its rather warm in the day but the low tonight is 39 degrees Im thinking its too cold even 14 of them huddled up in a small space for the night. Would you bring them back in for the night still? They are 4 weeks some are bantams but all are feathered nicely. Just getting opinions...they do really stink the brooder is much too small and even cleaning out it daily it stinks to high heaven!
I have been raising mine in an uninsulated workshop. I have a clip on work light with a heat lamp bulb over the brooder that i raise and lower to keep them at a warm temp at night.

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