3rd time with new chicks, 2nd time hatching--questions!


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I tried searching for answers first, but figure I'll just post to help with my specific questions :)

We had a broody hen, so we gave her 4 fertilized eggs to sit on. 3 have hatched for sure, the 4th one was starting to, not sure how it's doing. Mama is pretty protective.

Two of the chicks seem very healthy, the 3rd seems weak....but I also think it was the most recent to hatch. Is it normal for it to be wobbly the first day? I'm worried about spraddle leg, even though it's still in the nest box with pine shavings, it just seems weaker than the other two chicks.

Also, the last time this hen went broody, we gave her 4 eggs. 2 hatched. We were letting the mama raise the chicks in with our other 5 hens. One chick disappeared (no idea what happened. We suspect the neighborhood kids might have tried to play with it....) And the other developed leg issue at 3 weeks old and the vet ended up putting it down (she thought it had mareks disease, I didn't agree. I think it got stepped on or something) :( So this time we are thinking we are going to separate the chicks and raise them in a brooder box. Thoughts? I feel bad for taking the babies from mama, but we had a 0% survival rate last time, so I also don't want to doom them to death. Also, we don't have an extra crate or anything that we could keep the mama and babies together in, or we would be going that route.

This product is great for baby chicks. I put it in the water for my chicks at the 2cc per gallon dose for the 1st 2 weeks of life to get them off to a strong stat. Also good for broody hens. I get mine at Tractor Supply for 6.99 for the 4 oz. bottle. It's very concentrated. one drop per chick by mouth every 8-10 hours as needed. The chicks and adults both do fine on 2cc's per gallon dose. Give them energy to get going!
I spoke with the science techs at Bovidr Labs which makes both formulas. They said if the store is out of Poultry Nutri-Drench, you could use Pet Nutri-Drops ( 9.99 ) at the same usage and dosage instructions as posted in the Travel Stress URL above.
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