4 1/2 Week old Bantam Cochin...any guesses to gender?


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5 Years
Mar 17, 2014
The little buff chicky on bottom of the photo is about 4.5 weeks old now...I know now that it's a buff bantam cochin and based on my other mystery Bantam that screams rooster, I am thinking (and hoping) this one is a pullet. Any guesses? I have a sold black clean legged bantam of the same age, that has a large red comb and his little bright red wattles coming in already. So, I am comparing this one to him, but I am new to this, so I don't know for sure really. I will try to get better photos later.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and guesses! :)
Thanks! I thought red too, but a breeder told me buff...I agree with red and I am so happy it's likely a pullet. I think she is Da Bomb. LOL! We are getting some silkies too and I can not wait! This chicken thing is so addicting and easier to grow because unlike horses, they aren't expensive to buy! I just want more more more! HAHA!

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