4 Day Old chick with broken toe. Need advice.

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    I have a 4 day old Polish baby (will refer to as "she". Not sure how she broke it's toe, but she did. It just happened yesterday, she started limping and now holding it up. There is a green bruise and some swelling. She's constantly making a stuttering peep, which I assume is from pain. I did a search for this issue, but the other folks had older chicks with broken toes. What can I do for a 4-5 day old? So far, the toe is not curling under. She broke it right at the palm [​IMG] Do I still use duct tape on such a soft foot (she doesn't have the "scales" on her legs/feet yet...they are very delicate still)? If so, how long to keep it on? How do I get it off without taking skin? I really, really appreciate your help.


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    [​IMG] Bump?
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    I use band aids. They are a great tool for chicks! I use Nexcare comfort fabric type because they are stretchy and don't stick horribly. (to people or chicks) Anyway, for foot problems I cut out the pad in the middle. So you are left with two pieces that are rounded on one end. I put the rounded end towards the toes and the flat end toward the heel. I stick the bottom one on first and make sure all the toes are in the correct position, then stick the top on and gently rub them to stick together. I even use this on silkies with feathered feet/legs and it comes off relatively well. Once I tried band aid brand and they were horrible to get off!!! When you are done she should look like she has a little snow shoe on. She and everyone else will pick at it a little at first, but it will be fine. The "shoe" will also protect her foot from picking or getting stepped on etc. I usually change these every 24-48 hrs so I can check on the injury and they don't hinder any growing. You can reapply as needed. Chickens are very resilient, she should be fine! You may give her some vitamins/electrolytes for the stress.

    Good luck!
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    Oh, thank you SO much! I like the band-aide idea (generic brand [​IMG] ) . I'm going to try that first. [​IMG]

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