4-H Pheasant ~PLEASE HELP~


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Sep 25, 2010
How could I get my Golden male tamed, and groomed for a county fair?
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Well I dont know too much about pheasants but I have worked with many feral and skittish birds before. The best advise I can give you is be pateint and feed him lots and lots of treats! Dont try chasing him around all the time cause that wont help. Thats about all you can really do.
Oh I was curiuos when you said that your pheasant is going to be showed at a fair. I didnt know they could be showed. Are they showed like poultry or do you have them in there own class?
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Goldens can be tamed,but they are a gamebird.Gamebirds tend to be tame at times and jumpy at other times.If they get spooked they will jump and usually beat their head up on the top of the cage.If you can put branches in their cage they will have a place to hide,but that won't stop them from jumping up,but it may help to calm them.
Some of my friends have entered birds in to fairs.I personally would not do it.
In N.H.,Tony.
I just brought back my red golden from the fair a few weeks ago. He is not hand tame but tame enough That he does not jump around when I put him in a cage my ringnecks are the same way. I have entered him for 3 years now. Only problem is he is roughly around 4 foot long with tail and all the cages they have at the fair are only 2 foot wide so He is very happy to get out of that cage and back in the pigeon coop. You shouldnt have to bathe him since they pretty much stay very clean.
I have a golden pheasant and a good idea is to get a young pheasant and hold it a lot.
Make sure to give it fresh water and food every day.

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