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  1. Hello Everyone....
    I really don't know which part to post this in, so if someone els knows could it please be moved to the correct spot....Thank You Shawna

    I don't know if anyone here is involved in 4-H or not...But my daughters are in 4-H this year....
    Our fair is this weekend....I know this is kind of late to be asking these questions as she needs to have her stuff there tomorrow.......BUT everyone I have asked really is not willing to share any info...It's almost as if they are keeping there info under lock and key for them and there kids......

    Abby was going to show llama's this year...Well I found out yesterday that there is no llama section in our fair. So that one is out....
    So she is showing rabbits and chickens....Does anyone know where I can find info on the requirements of what she can and cant show??? Ages, breeds, markings??? What she will be required to do while showing???
    She lost the ewe she was going to show, so she will not be showing sheep...
    She has arts and craft projects too....
    Photography, Scrapbooking, Soap Making....Those are 3 of the things she is going to show...She has her photos, but we don't know the requirements of how the display needs to me done, the mountings of the photos, etc. etc....
    This is her first year in 4-H. We have made it to every meeting, and have asked lots of questions...And no one is really into sharing there info...Not only from our 4-H group, but even other ones she doesn't belong in....

    I am not asking for someone to give me all the answers, just maybe point me in the right direction to look...I have looked on the internet, but keep running into a brick wall....Maybe I am not looking in the right parts...I really don't know...

    Thank you once again for any help and info you can offer....
    Shawna (and Abby)....

    Our younger daughter is also in 4-H this year...She is a CloverBud so can't sho animals, but can show other stuff (non-animals). I think hers is pretty easy, but not really sure...

    Thanks again..
    Shawna, Abby and Emma
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    I'm a 4-h vice president in a 4-h club. There should be a list of rules somewhere. Ask you leader they can help or the extension office. I dont know about your fair but we get a book from the fair each year with all the rules. The best advice I can give talk to your club leader if thats a brick wall switch clubs. also try the extenction office where the head of 4-h is.
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    Unfortunatly it is getting like that everywhere.
    We are the poultry superintendents for our county fair for the 4-H, junior, & open show.
    Check your fair book. Generally, they list the superintendents on each show page. Ex. look up the 4-H poultry page that has a list of rules and awards offered, should list the superintendents name and usually a phone number. If you don't have that info. call your extension office and they will give you the name and number. Ask for every area you need. There will be a differnet one for each project (usually!) They are there for you to ask questions and to help you.

    Our fair is the mid of July and we had to have our 4H entries in by June 10th. So, we had to have entered wether we were showing junior rabbits or senior rabbits and what breed etc. and so on...

    If you have any other questions, I will be glad to help you, but your best bet is going to be talking with your show superintendents.
    Good luck,
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    Our kiddos just showed chickens at the fair in our county through the Jr.FFA group. Our school ag teacher sent us all the info we would need to show. It was a list of rules he recieved from the fair committee. He even told us all the extas to bring such as a fan for each pen, feed, water and feed dishes, and an extension cord for our fan. I've already deleted my info or I would forward it to you to give you an idea.
  5. Thanks for your help everyone....

    I have went to the county extention office and they guy there gave me about 5 minutes of his time and information...All of which ended up being useless....
    He is the one who told me my daughter could show llama's at our fair...Then like I said I found out that this fair doesn't even have a section for llama's...I found this out yesterday....The fair starts tomorrow....
    We had sent in all our registration info, but have never gotten anything in the form of even a confirmation.
    All the parents...(even some of the board memebers) are keeping any and all info under a very tight and watchful lock and key.....
    I swear they don't want there kids to have any compation when it comes time to show stuff....

    My kids are not out to over show/place another child. This is there first year in 4-H and I just want them to enjoy what they are doing...
    Neither my husband nor myself have ever been in 4-H, so we can't really offer exsperience to them... We are learning as we go as well.....

    I guess the lady I talked to yesterday was right....
    The first year in 4-H is pretty much a learning exsperience....

    Thanks again for any help....

    Like I said in the original post, I know it's a little late to ask these questions now as the fair starts tomorrow...But any information I can get now will help us out so much next year...
    Thank you again..
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    I am appalled by this post! I was in 4-H for many years, a junior leader and a 4-H ambassador. Maybe I just had a great club (rabbits), but that was the main objective for us-preparing for fair. I can't believe that you have been attending meetings and don't have all of the info. What type of club are you in? Poultry?
    My advise is to go to the fair-see which club takes the most pride in cleaning, decorating, dealing with the public, and switch to their club!
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    I wanted to put our kids in 4-H... I certainly hope it is not like that here [​IMG] I can imagine people being like that, unfortunately.... I sure hope it's not like that though.
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    Well, I think every state and even every county is a bit different, but here is what is done in our county. You must pre-enter approximately 6 weeks or so before fair starts. The classes are all listed in the fairbook, which each child should get a copy of. In the book, should be the rules and divisions for each animal and craft. It should also list each species Superintendent, who should be happy to give you any information you need on your animals. I agree, the first year is a learning experience, but it shouldn't be that hard!!

    Specific info on each craft requirements are also found at the extention office. Our office has a big file you can go through and are always happy to make copies or look up additional information for you.

    Our fair splits rabbits by breed and age. Under 6 months are juinors, over 6 months are seniors. You can enter one per class per breed, jr. buck, jr. doe, sr. buck, sr. doe. There are also meat pens, rabbit must be under ten weeks. Chickens are split by age also, over a year and under a year. Young cockeral, young pullet, old cock, old hen. It is also split by breeds. You can only enter one per class, per breed. There are also meat classes for chickens. I am not sure on the details, as we haven't done those classes.

    Animals should come to fair washed and clean. Usually our bunnies aren't bad, usually just need to trim nails, make sure ears are clean, pull any stray hairs, etc. We wash the chickens, dust for mites if needed, dip their legs in needed, trim nails. Chickens must be pullorum (sp?) tested before fair. Animals can't have any DQ's. Rabbits must be tattoo'd.

    Before actually showing, we rub vaseline on the chickens beaks and legs to make them shiny. Our fair doesn't allow any cedar shavings or chips. They also don't allow glass dishes for food or water. You must provide your own food, dishes and bedding for your animals. Water is available at the barns. All pens must be cleaned, animals fed and watered by 10 am. All bedding must go to the manure bunkers. It is a good idea to bring something to carry your supplies in and to carry used bedding out with. Kids need to wear black pants and long sleeved white shirts or show coats on show days. No jewelry or gum allowed.

    Hmmm, what else can I think of??? Feel free to ask me anything you can think of. Where are you located?

    SHAME ON THOSE IN YOUR COUNTY FOR NOT HELPING A NEW FAMILY!!! THAT IS WHAT 4-H IS ALL ABOUT!!! Perhaps they should learn the pledge again???

    "I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to greater service, my health to better living, for my club, my community, my country and my world!"
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    Quote:Awww that brought back memories...

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