4 very sweet and friendly Pekin Drakes available! Not for dinner plate please, in Lakes Region/Cent


7 Years
Jul 15, 2014
Campton NH
We hatched 6 eggs this year from a brood of eggs in May, but unfortunately 5 of 6 eggs were all males! We have too small a flock to keep all these male birds, I worry for my smaller female ducks who will not deal with the hassling of that many male ducks, so we are looking to find a home for 4 of these birds.

I would love to find homes that will not be killing the birds, because if that's all they're wanted for, we can do that ourselves as much as we really don't want to send them to freezer camp. All of our ducks have been hand raised and are not very shy to people, they love treats and I haven't seen any aggressive behavior at any other birds. The ducks have been raised around chickens and dogs, so they are not fearful of anything like that. They are very cute and silly, I love to watch them, but there's just no way we can keep them without needing to build a crazy secondary enclosure or something.

Interested people please send me a private message! I will not ship these birds!

Here are a few of them chillin and cleaning themselves in the yard. They are super social with each other and do a great job weeding in our garden.
They don't even need to all go to the same home, so if you're interested in even 1, we're certainly willing to let on go at a time, because it's not as though they'll be lonely with us til winter.

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