4 week old bantam chick attacking other chicks

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    Apr 28, 2009
    I have 3 bantam chicks that are just 4 weeks old. One of them is a black rosecomb (RC) and is extremely vocal and just attacked one of the sweet chicks (Honey). RC was on top of Honey pecking at her head. Honey was squawking and trying to run but RC wouldn't get off until I picked it up and separated it. What should I do? Is this rooster behavior?
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    Whether it is rooster behavior at four months is immaterial. You need to get that chick out of there. 'IT' is too aggressive.

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    More than likely, its what I've gone thru w/banty chicks. I take the meanie and hold it often and when its acting up I push it away w/my hand, too, while talking to it, or threatening it...like I"m gonna put you in a cage all by yourself if you don't behave... they outgrow it but watch closely so none of the others get hurt. The last time I went thru this was with my BO/RIR lil guy and a banty guy chick, they still act that way toward each other but the banty cockerel is now in w/his daddy roo who is teaching his son manners and also teaching (thru the fence) the BO/RIR cockerel how to be a very nice and intelligent young lad:) Its just taking the banty bratty son a bit longer and his daddy roo is keeping good tabs on him, stern but not too harsh...
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