4 week old chick not eating


Jun 23, 2021
Greetings, my 4 week chick is not eating and has isolated itself. We have been giving chicks scrambled eggs...I learnt that a few times they were fed two day old scrambled egg.
please advise what to do.
Many thanks...we missed to add grit this week. Our domestic help has just told me that the chick jumped from a height and has probably hurt itself. She fed it separately and it was eating but is a bit wobbly on its feet. If it still looks ill after a couple of hours, I will share a picture or two. Thanks again.
Jumped from a height? What does that mean? How high? Why was the chick left in a place that it could jump (i.e. fall) and get injured? It's hard to tell the extent of her injuries without more detail, and there could be internal injuries.

Monitor the chick closely for the next week and make sure it's eating and drinking several times per day. If not, you may need to hand-feed and hand-water until she recovers. Chicks are pretty resilient, so only time will tell.

+1 on Chick Feed, aka Starter Feed. Chicks need a slightly different set of nutrients than adults, and Starter Feed gives them those nutrients; scrambled eggs will give them some of them, but not all...
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