4 week old leg fracture healed crooked


Mar 12, 2017
Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
I have a 6 week old Australorp cockerel that had his leg snapped in half by something just around 4 weeks ago. I did splint and bandage it, but this happened immediately after I had wrist surgery so he stayed in that splint for 2 1/2 weeks despite growing and that allowed just enough lateral wiggle room for it to heal crooked.

He has a valgus deformity now, and puts more weight on his medial side than his lateral side. Should I keep him splinted but put him outside so he moves around more and is able to stimulate bone growth? Or should I just put him back outside without the splint and hope he grows it out straighter? Not really sure what to do, would love to reset it in theory, however it would be way too messy and I don't think I could ever do that to him.
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Here we go, I left it unsplinted for maybe a half hour and I swear it looked worse so I'm going to keep it splinted for now. If anyone has any other suggestions I would love to hear them, he's on a 24% feed and is limited to around 3 square feet to keep him from moving around too much.
Excellent splinting job! Do you think extending the bandage up past the hock a little would help stabilize the fracture?
Thanks, he's a very good boy about it :)

I'm genuinely not sure, but I certainly might try that though, it seems to really want to deviate and I'm sure his leg could use the additional support. I'm hoping with continued splinting and with the growth he still has to do his biomechanics will end up close enough to normal he won't be in chronic pain.
What I've read about splinting fractures on animals is that it's best to immobolize the joints above and below the fracture, but that's just what I've read. You might want to send a message to @SciFiDVM, I think they might have some helpful tips.

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