4 week old quail having strange episodes. Help!


Nov 26, 2020
Hello everyone and Happy thanksgiving. I just hatched my first quail and she’s been doing good until I saw her head moving in circles it seems and super unstable on her feet. I saw this first maybe about a week ago but was fine 10 minutes later, now it’s doing it again and the poop looks a little different. I’m hoping maybe someone knows anything about this. Any info would be great, Thanks.


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Have you checked her for crop issues? Her head movement is a common one when a bird has a clogged crop. Does she have access to appropriate grit for her small size if she's been give anything other than fine feed. Check her water to be sure she's able to access all she needs. Crop issues often develop after a bird becomes dehydrated due to malfunctioning water containers.

Feel the crop. If it's very hard and lumpy, give her a half a teaspoon of coconut oil, slightly chilled to make it easier to put into her beak without crating a big oily mess. This can soften any blockage and help it to break up.

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