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    Hi everybody! I'm pretty new to the site but I just thought that I would post some of my bunnies up for sale here. I'm trying to clear some of them out so that I can get blues and/or reds. Sooo, I have....
    1)[​IMG]solid chocolate doe, currently bred to black buck, due May 11th 2007. Babies for sale June 22nd $10 each OBO Doe born 9-1-06 $15 after litter weaned
    4) [​IMG]RubyEyed White buck, sister to choc doe above, born 9-1-06 $15

    I only have partial pedigrees for them. Either of these rabbits would make great pets. I MUST MUST MUST get rid of some of these rabbits so that I can get the blues that I want! I have NO ROOM!! (seems to be a common problem [​IMG] ).

    I would consider dropping the price on either of these rabbits for 4H members or if you bought a couple at a time. I would also trade any of these guys for cages in good condition (pref with pull-out pans) or I will buy the cages outright for a reasonable price.

    I really really want to get some blues and I have them picked out but my dad said no more bunnies unless I sell some of the ones I have... Otherwise I would keep them all!! I have not bred the REW buck or his sister so I don't know quite what they carry but I know that their father was choc and their mother has several generations of REW in her pedigree.

    Thanks for looking!![​IMG]

    You can either go to my website: www.freewebs.com/littlejsrabbitry or you can email me for more pictures of any of these rabbits. Also feel free to email me if you have cages that you are looking to get rid of. Sorry, I can't travel far and I won't ship my bunnies!! Thanks again for looking!
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