5 Ancona Duck Eggs

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    Jan 4, 2012
    5 Beautiful Rare Ancona ducks eggs... unrelated parents....
    Ready to ship.....$26.00 includes shipping
    100% fertile.....
    If you live near Port Orchard Washington we can hatch out ducklings
    on request if your able to come pick them up... $10.00 each, must order at least 3....
    I'm sorry but we don't ship live birds...
    We also have Lavender split silkie chicken eggs that produce about
    50/50 Lavenders.. Just hatched out 6 and 4 chicks are self blue lavender....
    and then hatched another 4 and 2 are self blue lavender....
    In pen is a self blue lavender rooster, with a porcelain rooster to
    8 girls, some hens are self blue lavenders and some are lavender splits.
    Will ship 6 eggs plus extra egg's for a cost of $38.00 (includes shipping)

    Any questions.... please just ask.... Thank you...!
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