5 day old chick off balance and eyes shut? HELP please!

Blue Smoke

5 Years
Mar 6, 2014
I have a 5 day old partridge cochin who is not doing so well... I will start from the beginning. Picked them up from post office last Saturday, all were alive and healthy, having been hatched only 1 day before. They all settle into the brooder and are eating and drinking. 2 days ago, I had both my partridge cochins and a partridge rock with pasty butt, got them cleaned off and put them back in brooder. Yesterday one partridge cochin had pasty butt along with another cochin and partridge rock, cleaned, dried, put back in brooder. All seemed good until this morning when I found this one partridge cochin sleeping outside of the ecoglow, poop on back and wing (getting stepped on by litter mates?) Anyway, put under ecoglow and noticed she was pooping clear water, didn't think anything of it since she was walking around fine. Checked on them before bed and now she cannot keep her eyes open (or if she does open them it is a squint) and is off balance, wings spread, like blind. I put her in front of the water and she drank.

I am feeding an organic chick crumble and quik chik vitamins and electrolytes in water. I am going to soak some crumble to hand feed but is there anything else I can do? I don't want her to die, Do you know what it is?

Thanks for any advice in advance!!

eta: all chicks vaccinated for coccidiosis and mareks
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