5 Rescue Hens: help with breeds pls


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Jul 29, 2009
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Hi everyone,
I just did my good deed for the day by picking up these 5 hens from an animal shelter in another city. They asked me to rehome or keep these girls after they were legally confiscated from a bad home-- the shelter is NOT set up to deal with chickens and they were in a cement dog run surrounded by large barking dogs. Now I just need to get some breed I.D.'s so I can post them in the "For sale" section.

I know the (sorry hon) ugly one is a EE, and I think the red ones are bad quality RIR's????
The black one is incredibly tiny, I don't think the pic shows it well, like the size of a small pigeon.
The white one has motor oil all over her, those aren't black markings.

#1=Light red hen

#2 Dark red hen

#3 EE hen

#4 White hen

#5 Black tiny hen

Another of black tiny hen just cause she's cute!

Edited to add: the black one is only a little bigger than a Pepsi can!
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1 and 2 Are Red Sex Links. Three is an Easter Egger. The white one, I dont know. Is the black one a Bantam?
Since you can not be guaranteed what breed they are I would not suggest you list them as pure, but maybe list as possible breed or such.
#1- looks like Gold Sexlink or any derivative of such as Golden Comet, Cinnamon Queen, etc. Plainly put she looks like a hybrid.
#2- Basically the same a #1 but would probably have a different name depending on the cross, but she looks like a hybrid too.
#3- Yes she looks like a EE
#4- looks like a White Leghorn
#5- She does resemble a Black Old English Bantam, but I'm not sure if she is due to the white feathering or if she is just Poor Show Quality, but she could be a cross too. I never could find pure bred bantams in my area because most don't know what they have, so I had to order from a hatchery.

It is hard to tell from the pics what color legs #1,2,and 4 have. If they are yellow legged then the breeds should be right.
It is easier to re-home hens than roosters so you should get good homes for then fairly soon if not immediately. But Good Luck.
Thank you all for your expert replies! I knew you'd come up with the right answers. I understand they are quite common and not *ahem* the prettiest chickens in the world but still I am confident that after a bath I can rehome them in this area. I'll post their ad in the for sale (free) section tomorrow when I get a chance!

*HappyMtn =why is the white one a white rock not leghorn? Just simply out of curiosity....

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