5 week old Barred Rock Heavy Breathing with mouth open


May 5, 2015
Hello out there in chicken land, I am very new to raising chicks. I have 1 Barred Rock at 5Wks 1 Brahma at 5Wks and 2 Salmon Favorelles at 2Wks.

It was 85 degrees today so I let all four play in their new coop with new organic dirt. They seemed happy and enjoyed themselves. I brought them back into their brooder for night.

My Pippa (Barred Rock) started breathing very heavy with mouth open. I am very nervous is cocci. No blood in stool. I give them electrolyte and probiotics in water.

I just added some ACV also.

She perches to sleep with her sister Brahma (Masie) and tonight she won't.
Does anyone one have any suggestions on what to do? should I race out and get colid? or continue with ACV?

Thank you,

New Nervous Chicken Mom
She is probably just overheated from the days activities and stressed. 85 degrees is a very warm day for a mostly feathered chick. Did they have access to water the whole time they were out?
yes all day, plus there was a nice breeze and they were in the shade. Thanks for responding.
Thank you for responding, yes they do get medicated food, she is doing much better this morning. I am being overly protective I guess. Sometimes the more you read on the internet panics you worse than just waiting. I love these girls, its hard not to get attached. Best to you.

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