5 week old trio

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    May 16, 2015
    These are five weeks and a couple days old. The rooster is Ameraucana/EE. The darkest and the medium tone chicks are from blue/green eggs so they could be Ameraucana, EE or Cream Legbar. The lightest one with the yellow legs is from a pale tan egg that I think is from the Swedish Flower hen (in the middle of the group pic)

    They have hit the ugly buzzard stage... and I am starting to watch for signs of roos. Any guesses based on color patterns? While they sometimes blush, I don't see major comb issues, nor differences in feet or legs. But the dark one is showing some rust color....

    [​IMG]From L to , darkest, lightest, medium
    [​IMG]darkest-- that rust color-- means roo?
    [​IMG]side view of lightest, in front.
    [​IMG]Side view of medium
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    I think a true trio, one cockerel and two pullets.
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    I'm going to disagree slightly and say that I think the medium tone bird is also a roo. To me it also has heavy shanks and pinkness to it's comb, which at 5 weeks is too early for a pullet. It's also exhibiting barring so I'm wondering if it might also be classed as a black sex link male if the hen was the legbar and the roo was solid?
    So anyway, I'm going with 2 roos and a pullet despite having the utmost respect for the opinion of the two previous posters..
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    May 16, 2015
    thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I realize that it's tricky to tell at this age. I read hundreds of these when last years chicks were growing up. The one that worried me most did in fact grow up to be a huge roo, but several of the others caused me worry, because of their thick shanks. All but one of my green legged babies had really thick legs, and the RIR also has inordinately sturdy legs, but she reliably lays 6 eggs each week.

    There have been times when all three of these seemed to have unacceptably pink combs, and other times they seem to fade/normalize. I'll make a point to take updated pictures in a couple weeks, as things progress.

    Again, thank you for taking the time from your days to assist me, I appreciate it.
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    May 16, 2015
    Back with updates! The littles are now 10 weeks, and as big as the broody hen that hatched them. The white one still seems like a hen, like has been the case from early one. The darkest one is clearly a roo. The medium one is still TBD-- on the one hand, medium will spar with the roo. But, tends to gravitate to the hen. Lately they like to sleep in nesting boxes, and "medium" will be in a box with the hen, the roo in another box.

    Tonight I had a chance to get close ups of combs. [​IMG]The trio

    [​IMG]The hen-- her momma is a Swedish Flower Hen, daddy is EE

    [​IMG]Darkest (roo) behind, "Medium" is closest. Seeing them like this makes me think Medium could be a hen? Smaller comb, no waddle development, larger eyes, softer demeanor?

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