5 wk old Chicks attacked by dog - 6 barely survived - what can I do to help?


6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
4 chicks were still in their brooder box, one with torn out feathers. All huddled together and not moving. I found 2 chicks in the yard. Feathers torn out, but no blood. One could barely walk. I have put them all together in a clean tub with food and water and a lamp in a quiet, safe place. But they are all huddled together and barely moving. What else can I do to help them?
Poor things. They may be in a state of shock after the attack. Shock makes a bird cold and also can slow down their digestive system. Make sure they are drinking. Dip their beaks in the water to see if they will drink on their own. I hope it doesn't take long for them to start eating.
they are in shock so to treat for shock you will keep them nice and warm in a quiet dark room. let them rest
once they come out of shock you can check them well for injury. so sorry this happened! I wish you the best. just make sure they are nice and warm! good luck. you might want to offer some sugar water or electrolyte to drink. this will help too.
Thank you all so much! I do have them in a nice quiet somewhat dark place with their heat lamp over them. I put fresh water with AC vinegar in it (that's what we've been giving them since we brought them home 4 weeks ago) and some food in there. I've let them rest quietly for the last hour or so and haven't tried to handle them in any way. I just checked on them and they have moved some. They are not all huddled together like they were. 1 is laying down with eyes closed and breathing very heavy. I fear that one will not make it. It was one I rescued from the yard (it was actually in the mouth of the dog - I screamed and she dropped it - it tried to hobble away, but I got it - no open wounds that I could see but it could have internal injuries or something broken).

It's been about 3 hours since the attack. Should I disturb them to try to get them to drink? Or should I leave them alone a while longer. My husband is going to pick up some electrolytes on the way home. If I put sugar in the water, how much? Their waterer holds 1 qt.

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