5 wk Turkeys fighting with 6 wk chicks!


10 Years
Jun 15, 2009
I let my 5 wk turkey poults out to free range last week. They're bigger than the chicks. They love it. Yesterday I let my 6 wk chick beauties out for a bit of freshness. (Yes, I've heard that's a bit early... but I'm a mom of 4 kids and my maternal instinct says their ready here!) The problem is the turkeys are fighting with my poor little girls. They don't stand a chance! They are being grabbed by the neck and crying out in shear terror! "BAD TURKEY!" didn't even work barnie My Henny Penny had a bit of blood above her beak.

I want my chickens to enjoy my yard. I suppose the turkeys are very territorial. I want them to free-range as well but it may end up being behind a big fenced area.

Anyone else with this problem?

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