6-7 week old pullet with rash on legs??


Jun 27, 2022
Hi I’m a new member here, today I noticed that one of my new blue laced red Wyandotte chickens, (Blue), has a small rash on their feet. The rash has some raised little blisters on it. Obviously this concerned me so I scoured the internet, but I couldn’t find anything that seemed similar to what my chick has. We recently just treated all of my chicks for cocci, and Blue seemed to have had it the worst but has made great recovery from it. They also haven’t been acting strange, no lethargy, ruffled feathers, abnormal poops or anything else. They eat and drink and act fine with the rest. Here is some pictures of their feet. I hope someone can help me figure this out! I really don’t want to lose this one to something that could’ve been prevented.
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I'd say it's irritation from some type of bug. I'd look for ants in their housing or if you've added new straw, possibly straw mites would be an irritant.

I see the bites up toward her thigh too, look through her feathers to see if there's any bugs.
I'd be inclined to apply a thin coating of anti-inflammatory cream on her legs if they are bothering her.

If you find bugs, then use a Permethrin based poultry dust to dust the birds and a spray to treat their housing.

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