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    Nov 3, 2010
    Up for auction I have 6+ backyard mix of birds. The only thing laying as of today is the Red sex links and the production red. They are in the pen with a bantam size cochin roo and a partridge silkie roo. I have 4 of these eggs in the incubator myself and all are developing along great. If you are not worried about breed than these will make great medium size chickens for you. Perfect for the person who wants a small backyard flock at a decent price. If by chance one of the silkies lay I will throw those in too if you want them. They have not laid in a while. If they lay, they may be pure silkie and they may be silkieXcochin.
    A chick I hatched from these eggs. Previous obvious who daddy was here.
    Cochin roo and the girls
    Silkie roo
    Cochin roo
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