6 + BBS bearded silkie eggs

Three Cedars Silkies

11 Years
Apr 17, 2008
Gainesville, Fl.
Up for your consideration are 6 + hatching eggs from our Blue/Black/Splash breeding pen. Included in this pen are 4 black hens, 4 splash hens, a splash cock, a black cockerel and a dark blue cockerel.

We are breeding and hatching with our exhibition goals in mind, but that does not mean that every chick hatched will be a show quality bird. We are very pleased with the chicks that are being hatched from this flock. All birds in this pen have correct toes, large fluffy crests and meet the standard of perfection for silkies. Color is very important to us and the blacks are VERY black with a lovely beetle green sheen. The splash have very definitive splash markings and the blue cockerel is a lovely dark shade of blue.

We have developed what we believe to be a superior method of shipping eggs that gives each egg the best chance of making the trip safely. Of course, there is no guarantee on how the post office will handle the shipper so we cannot guarantee your hatching success. Each egg is wrapped in small bubble wrap and placed inside a thick-walled styrofoam shipper that is lined in large bubble wrap. An air pillow is placed on top and the shipper is then sealed securely. We do our best to recyle all shipping material and pass the savings on to you. Because of this, Priority USPS shipping is a flat rate of only $8.00.

Thank you so much for considering our auction!!

Paypal to [email protected]. If you would like to pay with a MO, just PM me and let me know. Thanks!

Edited to add that we are NPIP certified.

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