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    Oct 2, 2017
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    My neighbor asked me to try and incubate some of her eggs for her, her chickens eggs not hers hahahaha
    She gave me six, and the first candling i was happily surprised all 6 were showing growth
    All my eggs I have ever hatched i never been able to see as well as these ones during candling

    So last candling before lock down yesterday all were looking great
    So a pip should happen in a day or two
    I will be very excited to let her know when they start to hatch
    I dont think she thought all six would be fertile
    She said she would share with me lol

    Then breeds are somewhat mystery as she has about 15 chickens and roos, of different breeds
    We do gave a white egg sp I am guessing one of her polish she has silkies, polish, 3 Brahmas , buff, light and dark, all them the brahmas are hens, a sultan,
    I know her males are mostly silkies and polish
    So let's see what we get

    She has a couple other breeds too

    I will let you know when they hatch
  2. Kiki

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    Good luck.
    I can't wait to see what they look like.
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    Sep 9, 2019
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    :pop surprise chicks, this sounds fun! Can't wait so see them!
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    Make sure to post pictures when they hatch!
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