6+ Olive Egger hatching eggs + bonus BCM eggs


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These eggs will be shipped March 14th .

6 + Olive Egger hatching eggs + 2 Bonus Black Copper Marans.
I have a Black Copper Marans rooster (pictured) over my Easter Egger, Olive Egger and Black Copper Marans hens.

To create Olive eggs it is the combination of the dark chocolate egg gene (Marans) and the blue egg gene (Easter Egger) creates Olive Egg producing offspring.

I have hatched out many chicks, and currently hatching more. Fertility has been excellent. The eggs you will receive will be various shades of blue, green (F1- First generation) and olive green (F2- 2nd generation) (pictured).

Eggs will be packaged in bubble wrap and tightly secured with newspaper and bubble wrap, mailed USPS priority. PayPal only.

As always we can not be held responsible for your hatch rate due to Post Office handling, incubation practices and such.

Some of the parent flock.
Black Cooper Maran Rooster

Olive Egger Hen

Easter Egger Hens

For more information you can see my website.
I would like to know which hens these eggs will be from, I went to your blog and read some of your chicken posts and saw pics of some of your beautiful hens and now I am excited to know which hens these eggs will be from. Muffin, Maisie, Penny, and what is the chicken behind Summer? Looks to be a kind of white with brown lacing, just beautiful.... you have many beautiful and very patient chickens. Love the blogs with your boys and their chickens. The one with Sally being carring around is so cute, I posted it on my FB page.

Anyway any more info would be appreciated, as you can tell I am eggcited
Thank you, I love my gals!! The one behind Summer is Blossom my Salmon Favorelle, she is bred by my Olive Egger rooster and I have hatched many of their chicks, very cute! I could easily include any of the hens eggs you see on my blog. Sally is one of my original White rocks, and super gentle, the boys just love her as you can tell.

The eggs will mainly be from my Easter Eggers (like Muffin and Penny), and a few from my OE hens (like Jade and Olive) who are bred to my Black Copper Marans rooster. I can include any other eggs like Maisie's though she lays a brown egg, I have her bred back to my Olive Egger rooster and hoping for some Olive eggers from that breeding. If you win the auction just let me know and I can work it out with you.

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