6+ Red Pyle Modern Game Bantam Hatching Eggs

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    This is for 6+ Fresh Fertile Red Pyle Modern Game Bantams Hatching Eggs

    ~~Hatch Rate over 90% on Farm~~

    Young cockerel

    One of our young hens

    Group Shot

    To be shipped at the end of auction. Please make Paypal payment within 24 hours. Please send paypal payment to [email protected] If other payment arrangements need to be made please contact us before bidding. We are glad to work with other payment arrangements for future eggs to ensure that all our customers get the freshest posssible

    We keep low hen to rooster ratios to ensure good fertility and feed a highly nutritious diet to produce strong viable eggs; which we gather twice daily to ensure their freshness. Your order will be eggs gathered from no more than 3 days, placed in a controlled environment and turned regularly.

    We have been shipping eggs for many years with great success. So Order with Confidence!

    Each egg will be individually wrapped to prevent breakage while they are in transit. We will send extras if available in case any of the eggs do crack or break. The eggs will be packed in a large enough box to allow lots of newspaper to secure and insulate. We will only ship the eggs Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday or Saturday so they will not sit at the post office over the weekend.

    We guarantee to provide you with fresh and fertile eggs. However we cannot guarantee hatchability due to many variables out of our control after the eggs leave our farm - such as shipping & handling, incubation equipment, and incubation methods. We only recommend purchasing Hatching eggs if you have experience. We will send along an instruction sheet if requested and will be happy to answer questions

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