6 week old chick sex?

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May 31, 2017
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Wellsummer? Pullet?
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Cuckoo Maran?


Indian Game?

Hi all,

I recently hatched my first eggs. I have 3 chicks who are 6 weeks old. I think I have a wellsummer, a cuckoo maran and possibly an Indian (Cornish) Game cross. The eggs were a mixed selection so no real idea what they are!

I am wondering if anyone may be able to tell the sex?

Thank you!


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Sorry - the photos are not very clear - I uploaded them on my phone so will try again if that would help.

A little bit more info if it may help - The "cuckoo maran" if that's what it is, is smaller than the other two and was much slower to feather. The one I think is a wellsummer is the dominant hen at the moment - and I'm really hoping it's a female as it had the 'chipmunk' style dark markings on it's back at the 'eyeliner' when it was a chick. Is it possible for a hen to be dominant over a cockerel at this age or would a cockerel usually be dominant by now?

Thanks for any advice :)
Still unsure if one is a rooster?! Mine are cross bred bantam


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Hi, I have no idea on mine either. I find it hard to judge as mine behave the same but just unsure on fluffy.
The two of mine which both have a comb fight quite a lot, but I heard they do a pecking order even if they are just hens too

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