6 wk old Buff Orp Cockerel in need of new home (Ohio/PA)- free


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Jan 31, 2015
Hi There!

My husband and I are about 6 weeks into our first chicken raising adventure, and how wonderful and rewarding it has been!! Sadly, what were supposed to be all female chicks, has proven to have an odd man out as it were. :( Our beautiful Buff Orpington, Susquehanna, turns out, is a cockrel.
As we are unable to keep him (due to regulations), we are looking for a new home for him here in Ohio or PA.
At 6 weeks old, he is by far the most friendly of our flock, inquisitive and quick to climb into your lap for scratches. Of course, he is young, but has always been easygoing with the rest of the flock. We are incredibly bummed to have to give him up, but would love for him to go to a great home. We are willing to drive him to anyone in the Northeast Ohio area (and possibly farther if need be.)

Do let me know if I can answer any questions, hopefully someone will take this sweet boy- and we can rest easy knowing he has a good home!

I would love to have him in Wadsworth but I need to do some negotiating with my husband first. If someone else can take him right away feel free to rehome him.

I don't think he understands chicken math and needs to be enlightened/bribed/coerced....
Ahh!!! That would be SO wonderful!! Believe me, I know the husband/chicken negotiation game...thats how 4 turned into 8.. :) I haven't had any leads otherwise, so just keep me in the loop and I'd be thrilled to bring him your way!

I make a pretty mean pie- tell your husband this roo comes complete with a homemade baked goods. Perhaps that will help. :)
I will work on him again tonight.

I'm not sure if he's ready to take a rooster. If one of my 'girls' ended up a rooster he would be okay but deliberately bringing one in may be different. My girls are 6 weeks so if I can manage it, it might be a good fit.
My husband has declined my pleas for any additional chickens until the coop is finished. We may be looking at one-two weeks until that happens.
Totally understand!! We are in the throes of building our coop as well, thats an adventure in itself!! I'll let you know if he finds a home in the meantime, but do keep us in mind if still interested. Gives me more time to hang out with the little guy. :)


I am still interested but if someone can take him before me, feel free to give him a home. My dear husband gave me the greenl ight for more chickens-roosters included- after the coop is done. Guess what I'm doing any spare moment I can?

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