6th Generation Lavender Orpington Rooster Hink JC Line


8 Years
Aug 14, 2011
We have too many roosters, 6 total and we would like to rehome 3 of them.

They are 6th generation Hink JC Line Lavender Orpingtons and were purchased directly from Jodie at Hink JC Poultry in PA. Have been fed an organic diet - NOT certified - and some pizza, now and then.

He is absolutely gorgeous and a sweet guy - actually, ALL of the chickens from Hink JC have been incredibly wonderful birds, we are quite happy with them all. Just have too many roosters.

They are 5 months and 1 week old. We have several roosters we would like to rehome.

This is Rico - he is ready to be adopted into a good rooster friendly home.

We are located in YORK COUNTY, PA. - (will consider shipping but have never done it, so I am looking at live shipping instructions now, shipping to be paid by new owner, if it can be safely done)

Please email at [email protected]

I am not very good at the pm messaging here.

Thank you!
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