7 1/2 week old chick with sour or impacted crop!!


There's a piggy in the pasture
Aug 22, 2019
Martin county, Florida
My young cockerel's, Prince, crop is huge! I noticed it yesterday and waited to see if it would empty but it didn't. I don't know how long it's been like this. What should I do?! I will post pictures soon.
How old is he? Do you have poultry granite grit out in a separate container for your chickens to take as they need it? Grit is needed for grasses or any other foods other than chicken feed. Can you place him in a dog crate overnitght and feel of his crop in early morning before he eats or drinks? Tell us if it is puffy, hard, doughy, or empty. Chilled coconut oil can be cut into small pieces and offered if his crop is still full in the AM.


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