7 Mallards and 2 black Swedes -MA

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  1. annarogetta

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    Apr 29, 2014
    Holden Massachusetts
    I have 7 mallards- 5 females and 2 males, and 2 male black swedish ducks.
    The reason why I want to get rid of them is mostly that want to focus on conservation breeding of blue Swedish ducks. I can drive anywhere in Massachusetts and some parts of New England. My Mallards do fly and everyone free ranges, I can temporarily clip their wings for you, but they are generally very friendly duck, minus the fact that they don't like to be touched or picked up, but you can get real close to them and hand feed them. I never had any mallards fly away, so as long as you give them plenty of food or water and a secure area, they are pretty happy. As for the Black Swedes, I just want to sell or trade to downsize my male population and/or add new blood to my flock. Same temperament with the Swedes as the mallards, except that they can't fly.

    I am not aggressive on getting rid of these ducks, they are all beautiful, lovely and funny, and in terms of shipping, is that I have never shipped live animals before and am unaware of the process, so if you REALLY want one or a few of my ducks that isn't of driving distance from where I live, then you need to be really patient and bare with me, and constant contact is okay for a situation like that.

    Any other questions, just message me
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    Nov 1, 2014
    May I ask if you would do pairs? I know how to ship lives birds and would love a pair of mallards. I currently have 14 mallard purebred ducklings purchased from efowl.com I would love to have female tend to my ducklings when I'm away. I'm willing to work with you every step of the way!

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