7 week slw. Roo or pullet?


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Jan 14, 2010
Lewisburg, wv
7 weeks Monday. Same size and feathered out at the same rate as the other wyandottes. I hope it isn't a cockerel. I will not keep it if it is. From Meyer hatchery.

I wonder because this bird has more and redder comb and wattle than the others of their
breed. The others have a little, but not this much. I do not want a rooster. All were supposed
to be pullets, but I know mistakes are sometimes made.
To my, for 7 weeks, it still looks like a pullet. Usually they'll start some "rooster" traits such as trying to crow by 8 weeks though. But not always, we had one we didn't tell until nearly 5 months, that was it's first crow.
To my eyes, that is a roo. I have a Gold-Laced Wyandotte and her wattles didn't really show very obviously until she was about 15 weeks old and they're just starting to redden now at 26 weeks. It's possible mine may also just be a slow grower, but she also matches the growth rate of our Coronation Sussex, who is the same age. So I would say it's a roo going from what I've experienced with my two girls. You can see her in my forum avatar on the left - they were both 8 weeks old when that was taken and you can't really see their comb or wattles very well.

This was her at seven weeks:

My Polish roo didn't start crowing until he was 16 weeks old, but it's a different breed and I think it also just varies with the individual.
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Could you post a picture so we can see the tail? But looks like a roo from the comb

he/she was not pleased about being held, so I had to pin them against the door.
good enough pic? Doesn't seem to have any pointed feathers that I can see. . . .but
lots more wattle than the others from same order.
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